The Invisible Gendered Culture of Engineering

After completing my undergraduate degree in civil engineering, I worked as a full-time structural engineer.  Since then, I have continued to work part time in that profession (and hope to go back to it upon my return).  Even when I’m not working within engineering, I am committed to it and interested in helping to help make it better.  My contribution to STRUCTURE magazine comes from my new perspective, benefiting from the distance gained and different tools of analysis developed.  Here’s a piece I’ve written primarily to those within engineering, intending to makes strides toward strengthening the profession.

Here’s a link to the 1-page article in the February 2013 edition of STRUCTURE magazine:

The Invisible Gendered Culture of Engineering

2 comments on “The Invisible Gendered Culture of Engineering

  1. Judy Klein says:

    Hi Katie. I read your article and will share it with my friend Catherine. Her husband is a “big wig” with CalTrans, and would really appreciate your perspective. I guess I don’t know many engineers, but I did pay attention to what you note about the expectations for men and women in various careers.

    How’s your little home/apartment working out? What do you do each day? This sounds like a blog entry, so I can just be patient and trust that one day you will respond to that!


  2. LKS says:

    Please feel free to share! I’d love to hear other perspectives on the matter.

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