Who’s got power?

This is a nice quick article that shows something of challenges of daily life and who has the power (in every sense) and the privilege.

Blackouts tell a tale of two cities–Phnom Penh Post article

Incidentally, we live in the section of the city near Tuol Sleng.  Yes, we’ve experienced crazy power outages lately.  But we live in a nice enough place that the landlord decided to rent a generator which has been keeping the power sort of on when the city turns it off.  Today, though, no water for more than eight hours! yii! យី!

2 comments on “Who’s got power?

  1. sivellfarms says:

    Hang in there. No different than living out in the country and having the well go dry or the pump burn out, or first rain in the fall that knocks the power out for several hours. Remember your pioneer roots!!

  2. Glenda Schubert says:

    Being hot is not fun. However, growing up we had no a/c and our temps were in the 100’s in the summer. Cutting power for some and not all sounds a little unfair.

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