Consequences of the Gendered Culture of Engineering

Judging from the responses I’ve received, the publication of a 1-page article in the February 2013 issue of STRUCTURE magazine was well worth writing.  Overwhelmingly the responses have been positive, thanking me for my contribution.  Both women and men have contacted me, affirming that they have had similar experiences or that they recognize the intrinsic difficulties for women in the culture and that they want to open up the culture for the good of the profession.  Some report fiery conversations with colleagues who disagree.  So glad to have instigated some good conversation!

The second article in the set, focusing on the consequences for women especially, is in the current (April 2013) issue of STRUCTURE.  Here’s the link:

Consequences of the Gendered Culture of Engineering

[Here’s a little background if you missed the post announcing the first article: After completing my undergraduate degree in civil engineering, I worked as a full-time structural engineer.  Since then, I have continued to work part time in that profession (and hope to go back to it upon my return).  Even when I’m not working within engineering, I am committed to it and interested in helping to help make it better.  My contribution to STRUCTURE magazine comes from my new perspective, benefiting from the distance gained and different tools of analysis developed.  Here’s a piece I’ve written primarily to those within engineering, intending to makes strides toward strengthening the profession.]

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